Chiropractic Care May Alter DNA’s Aging Resulting in Longer Life

Chiropractic care has long been shown to help increase the quality of life of patients by reducing pain, improving posture, and helping organs function efficiently. New research has shown that consistent chiropractic care does more than align the spine to treat and prevent maladies, but it may, in fact, prevent the aging process of DNA – resulting in a longer life. .

 The research focuses on the impact of regular chiropractic care at the genetic level. Specifically, how your chiropractor is making your DNA stronger by increasing the length of the telomeres of your DNA.

What is a Telomere?

You may already know that your DNA is the sequence of proteins that are the blueprint for your entire body. The strands of DNA form chromosomes that are responsible for the production and health of your cells. At the end of each chromosome is a tiny shield that has a single purpose of protecting the chromosome strands.

By protecting the chromosome, the telomere prevents damage, fraying, and adhesion between chromosomes. The protection makes sure that your body’s genetic information isn’t damaged or lost. However,” each time a cell divides, the telomeres get shorter…This shortening process is associated with aging, cancer, and a higher risk of death.”

The telomeres take the brunt of the impact when a cell divide, an essential process in maintaining a healthy body, preventing the loss of genetic information. Without the telomere, your chromosomes would depreciate sooner, and your body would age and deteriorate at a much faster pace.

The Role of Chiropractic in Telomere Length

Chiropractic care treats and repairs abnormal position and movement of the spine and spinal vertebra that can develop and lead to nerve interference called vertebral subluxations. The subluxations reduce nervous system function and blood flow through the spine and inhibit the correct performance of the all bodily functions, including how chromosomes divide.

As the nerve conduction is poor it increases the impact that the telomere has to sustain with every cell division. By improving the cell conduction, it allows the body to function properly. When working properly, the chromosomes can divide efficiently and maintain the length of the telomere shield.

Recent Study Results

While the theory is exciting, it needs more study. A recent study performed with a female chiropractic patient gave hope that chiropractic will help slow the aging process and help your body fight diseases at the genetic level.

In the study, the patient received treatment over the course of 5-months for neck and back pain. While the treatment focused on improving her spinal alignment and reducing pain, the blood tests showed a much more promising result. The test demonstrated “significant improvement in patient telomere length”. The scientists that conducted the research concluded that spinal correction through consistent chiropractic care patients could have lengthened telomeres.

More to Come

After the promising results of this first test, Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk will continue to conduct clinical research on the correlation between chiropractic care and telomere length. The results could indicate a treatment that will mean longer and happier lives for chiropractic patients.  If you are experiencing acute pain or interested in living a healthier (and potentially longer) life, get in touch with us for more information!