British Chiropractic Association Study Reveals Surprising Pain Trend

It’s widely accepted that men are the more stubborn of the genders. Movies, TV, books, and even jokes shared around the office all portray men as the sex more likely to button their lips when in pain - whether physical or emotional. A new study released by the British Chiropractic Association punches a major hole in this ‘common knowledge.’

The BCA study included over 2,066 adults 16 and older. The results indicate that women experience significant back and neck pain as much as 6-years earlier in life than man. Furthermore, women are more likely to accept that the pain is part and parcel to daily life rather than seeking treatment to resolve it.  

According to the BCA study, woman use over the counter medicines more readily than exploring long-term treatments such as seeking help from a physician or a chiropractor.

Some of the reasons that women experience pain more intensely and earlier than men comes down to some very simple differences in lifestyle. The BCA cites that 32% of women claimed that they experience significant spikes in pain while carrying their purse or handbag. To minimize this effect, doctors recommend switching to a backpack or cross-body style of bag to reduce the strain on one side of your back and neck. If you don’t want to make the style sacrifice, try reducing the amount of goodies you carry with you in your bag.

Doctors also recommend that women be mindful of movement. Half of the participants in the BCA study cited that they feel more pain when in a still position for extended periods of time. To reduce pain associated with sedentary activities, chiropractic professionals recommend getting up and moving every 30-60 minutes.

For even better prevention, include a stretching routine to your daily schedule. Stretching is an easy and effective way to strengthen your joints and build healthy muscle. You also will help increase your flexibility and range of motion, which will help make daily tasks easier. You will also have better nerve conduction, posture, and blood circulation. All of these factors contribute to a healthier spinal system and decreased pain throughout the body.

So, if you are experiencing back and neck pain remember that you don’t have to live with the pain. Simple lifestyle fixes and a visit with a licensed chiropractor can erase your pain and have you feeling great. For more information about chiropractic can ease your pain symptoms, learn more here and contact us at one of our three locations in Amsterdam and Alphen aan de Rijn.