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Woman with hands over groin and title: Guide to nagging pain in the groin for women

Nagging Groin Pain In Women: Causes and Best Treatments

Nagging groin pain is a condition that can be debilitating for women. It often presents as an uncomfortable and persistent sensation in the lower abdomen or inner thigh area, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks with ease. Fortunately, understanding its causes and available treatments can help improve quality of life. As chiropractors, we are […]

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Man standing with hands folded cracking his knuckles with title: Is joint cracking bad for you?

Is Bone Cracking or Joint Cracking (Popping) Bad For Your Joints? 

The act of “cracking joints” or “popping knuckles” has been a subject of intrigue and mystery for many.  While painless joint cracking is typically not considered harmful, common sense would dictate that the intentional and repetitive cracking of one’s joints could potentially cause discomfort in social situations and even physical pain. Keep reading as we […]

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Featured image for post with title Reclaim your mobility with relief from upper back pain (ultimate guide)

Reclaim Your Mobility With Relief From Upper Back Pain (Ultimate Guide)

drmaloneDr. Stephen Malone is een chiropractor die zijn carrière heeft gewijd aan het combineren van chiropractische principes met functionele prestatieverbetering. Hij is afgestudeerd als Kinesioloog aan de Universiteit van Saskatchewan en als Doctor of Chiropractic aan het Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. Hij heeft ervaring en interesse in fitness, functionele prestatieverbetering. Hij is gecertificeerd in de […]

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image with text "how does chiropractic work"

Why Chiropractic Works

Why Chiropractic Works & How Can a Chiropractor Help in Pain Relief? It’s no secret that back pain is widespread – It’s one of the most common medical problems, and often leads to missed workdays. This is why people are turning to  more pro-active methods of self-care. According to the National Institutes of Health, eight […]

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Featured image w/text "How long to become a chiro"

Chiropractor training | How long to become a chiropractor?

The journey to become a chiropractor is a challenge, but don’t worry, by the end of this article you will have a much better idea of the path ahead. If you work with determination you’ll be set for a rewarding profession. It generally takes about seven years of higher education to become a chiropractor. This […]

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Embody Chiro – New Practice in Amersfoort!

We are proud to announce the opening of our new facility, no not Amsterdam, it’s AMERSFOORT! Where you can get the highest quality of spinal healthcare. Our original practice in Alphen aan den Rijn, finally has a companion site, possibly now near to you! To be Amersfoort’s favorite chiropractic practice by assisting our patients reach […]

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Kidney induced lower back pain

There are several causes that cause you to suffer from back pain, and specifically lower back pain. Often we think we may have made a wrong movement, or slept in the wrong position, or simply exercised too much. But problems with our organs, especially our kidneys, can also cause pain in the lower part of […]

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Best Exercises For Relieving Low Back Pain

Low back pain exercises Low back pain is a common problem that affects many people during their everyday activities. This can come from sitting all day, such as sitting at a desk at work. It is also common for people to experience back pain from engaging in various activities such as playing sports or lifting […]

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