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Kidney induced lower back pain

There are several causes that cause you to suffer from back pain, and specifically lower back pain. Often we think we may have made a wrong movement, or slept in the wrong position, or simply exercised too much. But problems with our organs, especially our kidneys, can also cause pain in the lower part of our back.

Back pain due to problems with one of the organs

Problems with organs can cause back pain and/or abdominal pain. Organs can hurt or become irritated, however, generally, we do not feel pain where the organ is located. Organ pain regularly manifests itself in a different place than where the organ is located. It is sometimes difficult to determine where the pain is coming from. If your peritoneum and/or diaphragm is irritated, you will experience abdominal and/or back pain.

Problems with one of the organs

Liver pain often involves pain in the right shoulder and the trapezius muscle, and mid-back and left shoulder pain may involve problems with the lungs. Pain in the kidneys generally causes pain in the lower back. The kidneys are located in the back of our body. They are encased in the muscles and near the spine. Therefore, the fact that lower back pain occurs because of kidney pain is not surprising.

The main functions of your kidneys are:

  • Removing waste products from the blood
  • The production of hormones
  • Regulating fluid and salt balance.
  • They are part of the metabolism of our skeleton (the bones)

The kidneys are the main filters of our body; they purify our blood. Excess fluid and waste products are purged from the blood and disposed of. Furthermore, the kidneys ensure that fluids are recycled and that we do not become dehydrated. It is essential that the kidneys function properly. If the kidneys do not function properly (anymore), the blood is not purified properly and you will suffer from your kidneys (kidney pain).

There are several reasons why the kidneys hurt, and possibly cause lower back pain.


Causes of kidney problems and lower back pain

Holding your urine for too long

The kidneys produce urine, which is stored in the bladder. When you hold your pee (too long), the kidneys don’t stop making urine. Eventually, there is not enough room for urine and the kidneys will become saturated. This will cause urine to be discharged again. In this case, there is kidney congestion. Your kidneys will start to hurt because of this, which can result in pain in your lower back.

Advice: do not hold your urine too often and/or for too long. This will prevent (chronic) kidney problems and possible back pain.


Stress creates general tension in your body. Tension leads to the increase of acids in the body. The kidneys have to work harder and cannot adequately drain the increased amount of acids. This causes the body to acidify, resulting in cramping of the muscles. This will occur mainly in the back, because the kidneys are located there, and this problem can last for a long time.

Advice: de-acidify your body. Drinking nettle tea is a natural way of de-acidification.

Eating food that is too salty

Because of the added salts our food contains, we can ingest relatively too much salt. Also by regularly eating canned and pre-packaged foods, you can ingest too much sodium (salt). This excess salt must be processed by the kidneys. The kidneys have to work too hard and an unstable ratio of salt to fluid develops in our body. This can lead to cramping of the kidneys, resulting in muscle cramps. These muscle cramps occur mainly in the lower 3 vertebrae of the back, the nerves become pinched and lead to pain in the back and legs.

Advice: don’t add too much and/or too often salt to your food and don’t eat pre-packaged foods, or canned foods, or as little as possible.

How do you recognise kidney problems?

Signs that indicate kidney problems include, among others: very dark urine, fatigue symptoms, decreased muscle strength, nausea, vomiting, fluid retention, dehydration symptoms, pale skin and being more susceptible to infections.

What kidney conditions often cause lower back pain

Kidney conditions that often involve back pain and/or back pain are: kidney damage, kidney bleeding and kidney stones. It is very important to find out if your back pain is caused by kidney problems or if there is a problem with your musculoskeletal system, for example. Therefore, always contact a professional for low back pain.

Conclusion: take back pain seriously


The cause of your back pain can be caused by problems with your muscles and/or your musculoskeletal system, but also by problems with your kidneys. Always take problems with your back seriously. Book an appointment with us and let us examine your back pain, find out the cause, and together let’s see how we can make sure your back functions 100% again.

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