Our Vision

Embody Health embraces the multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and we treat every client like a world-class athlete. With a positive, educational and proactive approach, we want to ensure that every client understands the importance of care for the spine and nervous system.

Our philosophy

In our current healthcare model, we often wait until we have acute pain or until our health condition has an adverse effect on our work, social life or sports performance. This is not very efficient and makes it impossible for us to deal flexibly with the various tensions and stress factors in our lives. Chiropractic is based on the fact that the body always tries to heal itself as long as the nerves can work properly. This is our primary goal; obtaining a stable spine and strengthening it.

Our Mission

As healthcare professionals, we are committed to supporting our clients in their lifelong commitment to health, fitness and well-being.

High Quality

We have a purposeful approach to healing. Whatever your goals may be, we want to help you achieve them.


We offer practical treatment with exercises that you can take home with you so that you can actively participate in your recovery and your future physical health.

Professional service

Our chiropractors have a variety of international clinical experience and a shared passion to help our community stay as active as possible.


Our team

S. Malone DC BSc. Kin

S. Malone DC BSc. Kin

Chiropractor, Kinesioloog

As a Chiropractor and Kinesiologist I focus on the improvement of body functions and optimal nutritional care for all my clients.

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Jessica Heijns

Jessica Heijns

Office Manager

As an office manager, I really enjoy meeting patients and seeing what positive effect the treatments have on them. Being able to contribute to the efficient running of this thriving practice also gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Wilma Horsman

Wilma Horsman

Chiropractic Assistant

After working at another chiropractor for almost 20 years, I am happy to continue my work as an assistant at Dr. Malone's practice. The contact with patients is one of the best aspects of this profession. In addition, it is always nice to see how patients recover after treatment by the chiropractor.

Cristina Gilbert

Cristina Gilbert


I love helping this team because they are out to change the world and spread good vibes.

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