Chiropractic Care

Type Session - Pricing
Intake Evaluation Medical History, Posture Photos Muscle-, Nerve- and Joint examination $60
Adult Treatment Functional Exam Chiropractic Treatment €60
Childrens Treatment Under 12 Years Chiropractic Treatment €25

Insurance information

The health and well-being of our patients is our main goal and that is why we keep our prices extremely affordable. We also accept all insurances. We are affiliated with the professional association DCF, which means that we are reimbursed if it is included in your care package. During the first consultation we ensure that we understand your specific health needs and goals and advise you on how to live a healthy life and maintain a healthy spine. Below you will find some of our chiropractor rates and an overview of the costs.


Zorgverzekeraar Aanvullend pakket Vergoeding Premie
per consult max. per jaar Vanaf **)


For chiropractic there is no compulsory deductible of € 385 or an even higher deductible! This compulsory and voluntary deductible applies
namely only for care under the basic insurance and therefore not for care covered by a supplementary insurance.


From 1 January 2020, the reimbursement for chiropractic falls within a budget again for various insurers, including VGZ, UMC and Univé.
for alternative care including alternative exercise care and alternative care and (medical) remedies. This was a combined reimbursement with
physiotherapy, exercise and manual therapy.

Maximum reimbursements per year are generally per day and for chiropractic and alternative medicine together.

This overview has been made on the basis of information we have obtained from the insurer concerned via the website or by telephone.
subject to change.

*) The name of and/or reimbursement within the package has been changed.
**)The premiums of many supplementary insurances are age-dependent. Always check your own premium with the insurer.
1) In the Supplementary 3 package of National Academic 100%/€ 50 per treatment is reimbursed up to € 500 and above that 70%/€ 50 up to a maximum of € 750.
2) In the Excellent supplementary package of Promovendum, € 30 per treatment is reimbursed up to € 500 and 70%/€ 30 above € 500 up to € 750.
3) The premium for the package could not be (publicly) traced for us at the time of publication.
4) You can no longer take out this package. If you have taken out this insurance before, the compensation mentioned applies.

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